Volunteer High Five: Kim Woodworth

” If you work hard, believe in yourself, you can make anything happen”

That is the tenet of our volunteer Kim Woodworth.

Kim did not choose her career. It was something that chose her. After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado with a bachelor’s degree in Visual Art, she started with the Denver Brass as their Marketing and PR manager before moving to the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporations (“MDEDC”). Having no experience in non-profit or economic development, Kim was passionate about learning and developing the skills needed to adhere to the mission of the MCEDC.

Business retention and business growth are the focus of Economic Development offices; whether they are state-funded or rural community programs, businesses grow and thrive through the programs and services that Economic Development offices provide.  Starting as an Economic Development Coordinator she honed her skills in managing and supporting the mission of MDEDC. Kim spent more than eight years with the MDEDC developing her skills through on-the-job training, great mentors and self-teaching. Along the way, she was able to carve out a niche in operations and non-profit management before moving into the Senior Economic Development Operations Manager at MDEDC.

Today, she is the Operations Director overseeing the management of the daily operations for the Economic Development Council of Colorado (“EDCC”). Based in Palisade, CO, Kim travels Colorado bringing resources, professional development, and networking opportunities to members. Kim also works with policymakers, economists, and state and local agencies all in an effort to assist cities in retaining and growing their business.

As a Board of Directors – At Large for CCTW Kim continues her efforts to help businesses thrive. CCTW’s celebration and support of 2nd stage businesses create a rare opportunity for alumni to connect and grow with new winners in their community and throughout the state. Kim is also the Chair of CCTW’s Program Committee which produces the Professional Development Series. You can read more about the professional development series in our T3 section.