2024 Legacy Board

Guidance for the Integrity and Consistency of CCTW

Legacy Board Directors

Ricky Ninneman


Chair, Legacy Board

Client Acquisition Manager
i2i Workforce

Stephanie Veck


Project Director
Maher & Maher

Wesley Weise


Senior Vice President,
Private Client Advisor
Bank of America

Acknowledging that Colorado Companies to Watch is built on a strong foundation of volunteerism and public-private partnerships the CCTW Board formed a Legacy Board which will be representative of founding members, and historically active leaders, which may include former committee chairs, and shall be Chaired by the immediate past Chair of the Board of Directors.

The purpose of the Legacy Board is to act as a guidance committee to ensure that the integrity, consistency and intent of the program are honored. The Legacy Board shall serve as the CCTW Board Development Committee as described above.