Yearly Events

Finalist Reception

Each year nearly 1,100 companies are nominated to be a Colorado Company to Watch. These nominations are narrowed down to 100 Finalists who are invited to celebrate their nomination at the Governor’s Mansion.

Winners' Welcome and Alumni Connection

The Winners' Welcome introduces the 50 yearly winners to the Colorado Companies to Watch program. Winners learn about the many benefits they’ll receive with their new recognition, and have the opportunity to meet their Concierge and Community Partners who will help guide them throughout the year.

The Alumni Connection allows past Winners to mix, mingle, and reconnect with their fellow Alumni. Alumni will also be able to meet the next wave of 50 Colorado Companies to Watch winners, and will be able to connect and share their Colorado Companies to Watch stories.

Gala Awards Dinner

This is a magnificent night where we honor all 50 winners from across this great state of Colorado. The Gala is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to celebrate and network with hundreds of Colorado Business Leaders.

Edward Lowe Leadership Retreat

Each year, the Edward Lowe Foundation invites the previous year’s Winners to take part in its June Leadership Retreat. This retreat provides the techniques and tools that growing entrepreneurs need to take their companies to the next level.