Hall of Fame Winners


Our Hall of Fame Winners were selected because they exhibit the highest level of achievement, leadership and continue to make extraordinary contributions within their industry.

They are innovating new products, expanding their contributions to their community, have made it past 2nd stage, and continue with year over year employee and sales growth.


Lifescape Colorado

Established in 1976 by Charles "Randy" Randolph as Lifescape Ltd., our company's inception was inspired by Randy's trip to California. Captivated by the outdoor spaces he encountered there, Randy decided to create a similar outdoor living solution company in Colorado. From his Victorian home in uptown Denver, Lifescape's mission has been rooted in creativity, a love for the Colorado outdoors, and embracing outdoor living. Randy pioneered the concept of high-touch design-build landscape services in Denver, bringing innovation to the local landscaping industry.

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Welcome to Timberline Bank! We're proud to be a full-service, independent, and locally owned bank, chartered in October of 2004 by our dedicated employees and local investors from Grand Junction, Aspen, and Montrose. With leadership and Presidents in each of our markets, Timberline Bank is uniquely positioned to serve its communities effectively, making decisions at the local level for personalized service and support.

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E2 Optics

E2 Optics is a distinguished, woman-owned technology integrator based in Denver, Colorado. Our expertise spans cabling, networking, and cutting-edge multimedia communications, allowing us to assist clients in implementing highly efficient solutions. We firmly believe that modern, turnkey technologies not only reduce operational costs but also simplify management, leading to superior long-term investment returns.

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We collaborate closely with our partners to enhance access to life-enhancing pharmaceuticals. PharmaJet's needle-free systems offer numerous benefits, including increased vaccine effectiveness, a preferred experience for patients and caregivers, and a proven path to commercial success. Our systems are also known for being safe, fast, and user-friendly.

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Left Hand Brewing

Frustrated by the monotony of bland beer options at home, and inspired by the rich flavors they discovered in Europe, Air Force friends Eric Wallace and Dick Doore embarked on a mission to craft the kind of beer they craved themselves. A hobby quickly spiraled into an obsession, and it wasn't long before Left Hand Brewing was born in Longmont, Colorado in September of 1993. Thirty plus years later, we're still flipping the script and building community around better beer.

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Pop Sockets

Launched in 2014 by former philosophy professor David Barnett, PopSockets is a global digital-lifestyle company that sells empowering, fun, and expressive products that help people phone better. PopSockets has sold over 245 million of its iconic phone grips in 75 countries and now has an expanding ecosystem of related products, including phone cases, wallets, mounts, batteries, and chargers.

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Velocity Global

Since launching in 2014, we’ve pioneered the industry of distributed work to make coming together from across the globe a seamless reality for all. We are a work-anywhere company with hundreds of employees spread across six continents and 60 countries. Headquartered in the U.S., with regional headquarters in Amsterdam, we know that great ideas reach their fullest potential when people can reach beyond borders.

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Eating Recovery Center


PolyOne Gordon Composites

With locations spanning across California, Colorado, Illinois, Texas, Ohio, Maryland, and Washington, alongside our virtual programs, Eating Recovery Center provides comprehensive treatment for eating disorders at every level of care. Our family of recovery programs offers inclusive treatment options for adults, adolescents, and children of all genders.

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In 2009, Colorado Companies to Watch Winner Gordon Composites reported a pivotal moment in their history was in 1995 when they moved its 50,000 square-foot plant from California to Montrose, Colorado. It was shared back then, “The most noticeable gain was a much-improved business-friendly environment in Colorado combined with significant work ethic improvement in the work force.” Today, more than 20 years later, we are proud to report they are still growing and thriving in Montrose and making a huge impact on the local economy!

Gordon Composites has spent more than 50 years continually developing the material science of pre-cured composites. They manufacture continuous fiber reinforced composite materials that provide stiffness, strength, and durability to components in a wide variety of applications including archery bow limbs, snowboards, furniture, industrial conveyors, and prosthetics.

Gordon Composites joined PolyOne in 2016, along with their sister company, Polystrand, to form PolyOne's Advanced Composites business, creating one of the most comprehensive composite portfolios in the industry.

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