Brooke Milinazzo

Volunteer Appreciation: Brooke Milinazzo, SkyBridge Communications

Gala go-to aiming to accept the CCTW award one day

Brooke Milinazzo was nervous the first time she volunteered at a Colorado Companies to Watch Gala Awards Dinner, but she quickly realized there was no reason to be concerned.

“That was my first step into the business community after being a stay-home mom with my daughter and three sons for 10 years. I was uncomfortable getting my feet in the water,” said Brooke Milinazzo. “But I found out that CCTW is this great, growth-oriented community of entrepreneurs helping each other so that everyone becomes stronger. I was excited to be a part of that.”

She started off supporting organizational details for the Finalist Reception, the Winners Welcome and the Gala Awards Dinner, the biggest annual events in the CCTW season.

“I think I’m their go-to person if they need anything in a pinch,” Brooke Milinazzo said. “I know how important these events are for the program and participants, so I’ll do my best to drop everything and rearrange my schedule to get things done.”

For six years, Brooke has watched hundreds of talented 2nd Stage companies in Colorado become CCTW nominees, and then finalists and ultimately winners. She said witnessing their journey leading up to the gala and keeping in touch or following their progress afterward has been a constant source of inspiration for her.

She remembered a 2013 winner, Doc Popcorn from Denver that really left an impression.

“My sons and I went there are all time at FlatIron Crossing,” she said. “That’s why I get so excited when I go to the Gala Awards each year; who would have thought that selling popcorn would be such a great success? But whether it’s popcorn or PopSockets (2017 winner); it proves that you don’t have to be huge to be successful. These winners are successful because they create little things that make people happy throughout the day.”

Brooke and her husband Frank own a VOIP/IT communications company called SkyBridge Communications. Brooke is the company’s business development manager and equity partner.

“It gives me hope that we don’t have to be largest communications company to be part of the Colorado Companies to Watch alumni one day,” she said. “There are winners for all kinds of companies with different products and services big and small.”

The one identical thread that these CCTW winners do have is their willingness to help each other unconditionally, she said.

“They are so easy to access and always there to help. It’s like one big family of 500 people,” she said. “Someone is always there willing to help because everyone has the same goal. To me, that reaffirms that the work we’re is good because we’re creating a diverse community of like-minded businesspeople from all different walks of life.”

With the 10th Anniversary Gala Awards just around the corner, Brooke said she is looking forward to meeting the next 50 additions to the family.

“Every year, the CCTW program and its winners get stronger, and their success is Colorado’s success,” she said. “I’m excited to see who this year’s Colorado Companies to Watch will be at the Gala Awards, and who they will be for years after that.”

Thank you for all that you do to make Colorado Companies to Watch a successful and sustaining program, Brooke!