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CCTW Sponsor Seminar Program: Getting the right resources at the right time

The Colorado Companies to Watch Development Committee recently launched a new education and networking program that invites the CCTW winner and alumni community to attend business management and development seminars hosted by CCTW sponsors.

The Sponsor Seminar Program started late last year as a way to connect the program’s robust sponsor resources and established institutional knowledge to the CCTW winners, alumni and extended community.

“It gives current winners and alumni the chance to connect and network with one another on a more personal level,” said Marcia Morgan, Vice Chair of the CCTW Development Committee. “We are offering subject matter experts who can provide topical information in a timely manner, that also matches the road map and journey of our winners and alumni as successful 2nd Stage Companies.”

Morgan said the program, which is still in its developmental stages, will leverage resources from the sponsor community to foster a more connected and informed CCTW network.

During the month of May, the Development Committee offered a Sponsor Seminar called The New Tax Law: Strategy, Business Structure, and Maximizing Credits. The discussion was hosted by CBIZ MHM, a financial services and business consulting firm based in Denver, and a CCTW Gold Sponsor.

“It was essentially ‘taxes made fun,’” said Morgan, who is also the Client Services and Business Development Director for CBIZ MHM. “We covered the top 10 issues business owners need to be aware of with the emerging new tax law as it pertains to fast-growing, middle market companies.

She said the discussion also included information on the tax implications of selling a company or buying another company to grow through acquisition.

“We want to be able to give our growing network those tools to anticipate their strategic plans,” Morgan said.

The CCTW Development Committee’s goal is to offer these free seminars about once a quarter to CCTW community members.

“Our sponsors put every effort into creating seminars that will assist with growth and development for our alumni team,” said Maggie Maxwell, Chair of the CCTW Development Committee. “Additionally, any opportunity for all of our winners to interact and learn from one another is something we encourage and celebrate.”

As the program grows, it’s important that the CCTW community attend the seminars and provide feedback to support the program’s overall development.

“We would love suggestions about what our community would like to hear and what our business leaders want to learn about,” Morgan said. “We’re creating the secret formula for the program’s success now, and we know that feedback will be a key ingredient to that success.”

For more information on the Sponsor Seminar Programs, please email CCTW@coloradocompnaiestowatch.org.