Laws Whiskey

Laws Whiskey House – Whiskey Made With Colorado Passion!

We are celebrating Manufacturing Month this October by spotlighting some of our Colorado Companies to Watch Winners who are proud manufacturers in our beautiful state. One well-known winner from 2019 is Laws Whiskey House in Denver!

Laws Whiskey House was founded by Al and Marianne Laws in 2011, driven by a passion for whiskey. They saw an opportunity to create a whiskey that expressed the unique flavors and style of Colorado. Today, Laws uses only grains from just two-family farms, water from Eldorado Springs, and mills, cooks, ferments, distills, ages and bottles everything on-site in Denver, Colorado.

They intentionally make bold and terroir-driven whiskeys from Colorado. Their grain-forward whiskeys are made with the highest quality corn and heirloom wheat, barley, and rye grown by two Colorado family farms. Laws Whiskey House uses time-tested production techniques that showcase each individual grain’s terroir resulting in singular and novel whiskeys.

Furthermore, Laws Whiskey House uses traditional processes such as sour mash fermentation, copper pot still distillation and maturation in full size 53-gallon American oak barrels. The grains, which are grown specially for Laws, are one of the main drivers of their house style and flavor. It’s the grains that make their whiskey characteristically bold and distinct!

You can find Laws Whiskey House whiskeys at retailers, bars, and restaurants across the state of Colorado and in 21 other states across the country. You can also purchase their whiskey for delivery in 36 states on their website at

Laws Whiskey House loves Colorado! They believe that not only is it a great place to live and recreate, but it is also a great place to grow grains and make amazing whiskey. The high elevation contributes to the distinct flavors of the grains grown here. It is why whiskey made in Colorado is going to taste different than whiskeys made in Kentucky, Texas or Maryland. Laws Whiskey House is proud to be one of the brands putting Colorado whiskey on the map, adding to the rich tapestry of American whiskey we have in this country!

After winning Colorado Companies to Watch in 2019, Laws Whiskey House was embraced by the Colorado business community. It helped elevate their presence in the state. They believe being a winner of CCTW has helped them reach new customers and created new relationships throughout this community.

Laws Whiskey
Laws Whiskey