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Bridging the gap between surviving and thriving, ProsperBridge helps companies address the missing piece in today’s employee benefits.

The majority of American workers are stuck in financial stress.  Odds are that more than half of your workforce are one life event away from being impoverished and about a third are living paycheck-to-paycheck.  The impact on employers is dramatic: lost productivity, increased physical and mental health costs, safety risks, higher turnover, and ultimately damage to your culture and profitability.  The cost in dollars is an estimated 13-18% of your total salary expense.

ProsperBridge works with employers to help your people get out of the cycle of financial stress.  We believe in providing a solution to help every individual on your team eliminate their personal financial problems and heal their relationship with money.

In today’s low unemployment environment, providing a distinct benefit that directly addresses one of the biggest challenges for your workforce will help you:

  • Improve the mental and physical health of your team
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Enhance your culture and build trust
  • Grow your company by helping your team thrive

Join us in helping relieve the financial anxiety that is keeping so many people—and companies—from being their best.