Concierge Selection

All information on these pages is Confidential to Colorado Companies to Watch.

How the Process Works

  • Please let the Development Chair, Marcia Morgan, know ASAP (but no later than April 27, 2020) if you DO NOT want to be a Concierge. Sponsor Concierges serve as a point of contact for each winner to ensure they are fully engaged in the program and know what to do.
  • April 22 at 8am – The 403 Alumni companies will be made available online for all Sponsors to see.
  • This is a draft pick by sponsorship level with the pick corresponding to sponsorship rank. Specifically Diamond will choose their Alumni companies first, Presenting second, Platinum third, and Gold fourth. For Platinum and Gold Sponsors, the order of the draft pick is established by a random selection process and in advance by the Program Director. Using this approach, everyone will have the full day to enter their selections. The time of your entry is not relevant, except that it must occur on the assigned day sometime between 8am and 5pm MT. Program Management will assign companies based on pick order previously established. If you have a selection that has already been assigned, we automatically go to your next winner selection for assignment.
  • By Sponsorship level, when all entries are received or the entry deadline has passed (5pm MT on the specific day), assignments will be made in order of submission with first pick off the first sponsor’s list, then second pick to the second sponsor’s list until we get through all picks. It then starts over again with the first pick (no snake draft format for you fantasy football fans). If you miss the deadline for your pick, you will be moved to the next level draft.


For Platinum Sponsors, if the pick order is Moss Adams and Forbes M+A, the draft would look like this:

    1. Moss Adams – first pick off their list
    2. The Forbes M+A – first pick from their list minus the selection from Moss Adams
    3. Moss Adams – second pick from their list minus first two selections
    4. The Forbes M+A – second pick from their list minus the first three selections
    5. Etc. Etc.
    6. In the event that your round pick has already been selected, we move to the next Winner on your list
  • Final submissions for Diamond Sponsor due by 5pm MT on 4/28/20. Final submissions for Presenting Sponsor due by 5pm MT on 4/29/20. Final submissions for Platinum Sponsors due by 5pm MT on 4/30/20. Final Submissions for Gold Sponsors due by 5pm MT on 5/1/20.
  • Same draft process will be used for all sponsor levels.

Concierge Contact

The Concierge Selection forms asks you to provide us with information on your assigned Concierge by Alumni company selected. You can have different people on your team serve as a Concierge by company. It is critical that you also complete this information:

Email ID
Phone Number

Qualifiers and Disclosures

  • All times noted are Mountain time.
  • If the Diamond Sponsor does not submit their list by the deadline, they will be moved to the Platinum Draft. If Platinum Sponsors do not get their list submitted by their deadline, they will be moved into the Gold Draft.
  • If any Sponsor does not get their picks in by 5pm on May 1st, they will be assigned companies with what is left.
  • On Wednesday May 6th, Program Management will begin its outreach to the Alumni making introductions and inviting into Cliq.
  • When completing the draft, you will be asked to provide the name, title, email and phone number of your assigned Concierge(s).

Next Steps
After Draft completion, all assigned Concierges are asked to reach out to their Alumni companies to welcome them back into the CCTW Community. This is a very big value add for Sponsors as it is one more touchpoint, and a chance to introduce yourself before you meet them in person at an upcoming event. We will provide you a script with key points to share prior to you calling.

2020 Concierge Draft Schedule

Concierge Draft Order - 2020

  • Diamond - Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Presenting - Xcel Energy
  • Platinum - 1st Moss Adams, 2nd The Forbes M+A
  • Gold - 1st ProsperBridge, 2nd VertexCFO, 3rd TrueSpace, 4th CBIZ, 5th ViTL Solutions, 6th Lathrop GPM, 7th Lifescape Colorado

Your selection forms will only be filled out and available for completion on the day of your Draft.

  • Tuesday, April 28 | 8am MT - 5pm MT – Draft opens: Bank of America - Diamond
  • Wednesday, April 29th | 8am MT - 5pm MT – Xcel Energy - Presenting
  • Thursday, April 30th | 8am MT - 5pm MT - Platinum - 1. Moss Adams 2. The Forbes M+A Group
  • Friday,May 1st | 8am MT - 5pm MT - Gold - 1. ProsperBridge 2. VertexCFO 3. TrueSpace 4. CBIZ 5.ViTL Solutions 6. Lathrop GPM 7. Lifescape Colorado

Concierge Numbers by Level - 2020

The number of companies per sponsor by level is as follows. This is the number of companies for which you will have the opportunity to serve as a Concierge.

  • Diamond - 60 Alumni (no extra companies need to be selected)
  • Presenting- 45 Alumni  (no extra companies need to be selected)
  • Platinum – 30 Alumni (pick a total of 60)
  • Gold – 14 Alumni (pick a total of 105)

2020 Alumni List

The balance of the CCTW Alumni are listed below. Those with a line through them have been assigned Concierges and are no longer available for selection.


3d Lacrosse, LLC
Ad Light Group
Adaptive Innovations Corporation
ADDS - Advanced Distribution Sensor System
Agility Solutions
Airborne Media Group
Albeo Technologies Inc
Alexa's Angels, Inc.
All Phase Restoration
Allison Medical, Inc.
Altitude Digital Partners
Amadeus Consulting
American Vein & Vascular Institute (AVVI)
Associated Content
Atlas Advertising
Avid Product Development, LLC
Avid4 Adventure, Inc.
Axion Health, Inc.
Ayuda Management Corporation
Backbone Media LLC
Backcountry Access
Backflip Studios
BAIR Analytics, Inc.
Beacon Communications LLC
Best Practice Systems Inc.
Best Sign Systems Inc.
Bhakti Chai
Big Agnes
Blue Margin, Inc.
Blue Moon Works, Inc.
Blue Moose of Boulder
Blue Sun Energy
Botanical Interests, Inc.
Boulder Creek Builders
Broad Reach Engineering Company
BSC Signs
Business Controls
Camp Bow Wow
Canyon Bakehouse
Centerline Solutions, LLC
Cerapedics Inc.
Chae Organics Inc.
Chinook Medical Gear, Inc.
Circle Fresh Farms LLC
Circuit Media, LLC
Citron WorkSpaces LLC
Clean Energy Collective
Clear Peak LLC
Cloud 9 Living Inc.
Colorado Mills
Colorado Tech Shop
Colorado Yurt Company
Combat Training Solutions Inc.
Commerce Kitchen
Country Creations of the Rockies, LLC
Couragent Inc.
CPP, Incorporated
Custom Linings, Inc.
Cycla LLC
Czero, Inc.
Danielson Designs LTD
Digabit, Inc.
Discovery Outsourcing
Diversified Machine Systems (DMS)
Doc Popcorn
E Source
East Daley Capital Advisors
Eating Recovery Center
Ecosphere Environmental Services, Inc.
EcoVapor Recovery Systems, LLC
Eetrex Incorporated
EFI Polymers
Egg Strategy Inc.
Elevation Beer Company
Email on Acid
EnergyLogic Inc.
Enerhealth Botanicals
enVision Business Consulting
Epiphany Ai
Epoch Eyewear
Erker Grain Company
Executive Media Network
FastTrack Communications Inc.
FHS Corp
Flylow Gear
Forensic Laboratories
Freenotes Harmony Park, Inc.
Garmat USA
Gateway Products Inc.
Gibson Athletic
Gnip Inc.
GO Alpine
Good Day Pharmacy
Gordon Composites Inc 'Now Poly One'
Green Garage Now 'Green Eyed Motors'
Greystone Technology Group, Inc.
Grower's Organic
Growing Spaces LLC
Halker Consulting LLC
Haugen Consulting Group
Honey Stinger
Hydro-X LLC
InDevR Inc.
Infinite Power Solutions, Inc.
InLine Media, Inc.
Innovative Water Technologies
Integware Inc.
Isonas, Inc.
ISSAC Innovative Support Services & Analytics Consulting
Jackson's Honest
Janska LLC
JG Management Systems
JMark Services Inc.
Just Associates, Inc.
Kindara Inc.
leereedy/xylem digital
Lightning Eliminators & Consultants Inc.
Littleton Equine Medical Center
Location3 Media
LoCo Food Distribution
LT Environmental Inc.
M & E Painting
Marczyk Fine Foods
Minute Key, Inc.
MM Local
Mobile Ephiphany LLC
Moots Cycles
Mountain West Insurance & Finance Services
MyWireless Inc.
Namasté Solar
Networks Unlimited, Inc.
Neuro Assesment Systems
Neuworks Mechanical, Inc.
Niner Bikes
Nokero International LTD
One World Labs, LLC
Open Sky Wilderness
OPX Biotechnologies
OZO Coffee Company
Page 1 Solutions, LLC
Parkifi, Inc.
Payment Solutions
PayReel, Inc.
Peak Beverage
Performance Mobility
Pharmatech, Inc.
Pike Research
Populus LLC
Precision Media Solutions, LLC
Precision Sample, LLC
Product Architects, Inc.
ProStar GeoCorp, Inc.
Purely Elizabeth
Quality First Plumbing & Heating
Qualtek Manufacturing Inc
Quick Left, Inc.
RavenBrick LLC
Red Canyon Engineering & Software
Redefy Real Estate
Redwing Electric
Regis Learning Solutions
Residential Systems, Inc.
RevGen Partners
RidgeviewTel LLC
Rivada Networks, LLC
RMS Cranes, LLC
Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company
Rocky Mountain Reagents, Inc.
Rocky Mountain Sustainable Enterprises LLC
Rustic Log Furniture
Sanity Solutions, Inc.
Serious Texas Bar BQ
Silvergate Pharmaceuticals
Sky Blue Builders, LLC
SkyWerx Industries, LLC
Solar Roast Coffee
Sophono Inc.
Sovos ShipCompliant
SpenDifference, LLC
SSB Consulting Group
StoneAge Inc
Support, Inc.
Synkera Technologies Inc.
System 76
Tandem Select
Tensentric Inc.
The Assist Group Now 'Equian'
The Fatbike Company
The Fort Collins Brewery
Think Network Technologies
Timberline Bank
Travelers Haven LLC
Tradavo, Inc.
Transform Software & Services Inc.
TRIO Environments
Verisma Systems Inc.
Versi-Panel Enclosures/Companion Habitats
Vibrant Solar
Vivax Pro Painting
Wowza Media Systems, LLC
Zia Consulting Inc.
Ziggi's Coffee Franchise, LLC


Opens: 4/28/20 8am
Closes: 4/28/20 5pm

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Opens: 4/29/20 8am
Closes: 4/29/20 5pm

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Opens: 4/30/20 8am
Closes: 4/30/20 5pm

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Opens: 4/1/20 8am
Closes: 4/1/20 5pm

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Alumni Draft Open - Select 105

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