Concierge Call Script

Concierge Call Script for Alumni

This is just a guideline. Customize to your voice.
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Hello. This is [fill in name w/company] and I am calling on behalf of Colorado Companies to Watch (CCTW). First, congratulations on being a Colorado Companies to Watch Alumni! If you have a moment, there are a couple of important updates I’d like to cover with you on how CCTW is expanding its offering beyond that of an awards program and what this means for you.  [If now is not a good time, schedule a convenient time to talk. If you get voicemail, leave a message explaining who you are and why you are calling.]

Over the years, CCTW has surveyed many of the winners on ways we can be impactful after the award was given.  Consistently, we heard introductions within a peer-to-peer community with access to relevant information to help business thrive.

Let’s face it, business leaders are required to make decisions faster and with more accuracy concerning business operations, in order to survive in an environment that keeps getting more complex.   A recent study by the Harvard Business Review reported 86% of all respondents stated decision making and business processes had become so complex within their companies it hindered the ability to grow.

Now more than ever, CCTW seeks to be your “go-to” resource, aiding in the uncertain journey to find the new way of conducting business, making decisions, and improving operations.  We know how important a trusted network can be in a time of need, to help answer difficult questions and seek introductions to trusted professionals.  Our mission is to serve our community, at the moment it’s needed most.  We strive to understand the complexities of your business while also knowing the finite details of the CCTW network to be that trusted resource.

To deliver on this, CCTW is inviting you to join us in a common community space called Cliq, where Alumni can directly connect with Alumni and resources are available to you at your convenience. Whether this is the most update-to-date and accurate documentation on the SBA PPP program, or information provided by subject matter experts on the economic impact Colorado can expect from COVID-19.  There is a wealth of information at your fingertips, all exclusive to the Alumni of CCTW.

To help you gain the most from the program, I am your go-to person for any and all questions about what we have to offer.  We’re rolling this out as our Concierge Program.  Are there introductions we can make on your behalf or are there challenges that keep you awake at night? How can I help?  If I don’t know the answer, I’m sure there is someone within our extended network who can.

To start, I’d like to confirm your interest in joining us online in Cliq by sending you an email with a link that will confirm your participation and by sending you a sample of events we will continue to host with the recording from our most recent event, Navigating Re-Entry | Helping business as the markets re-open.  It will include my contact information in case you need something in the near future.

What questions do you have, or is there some way I can be of service today?


[Here is the link to the Cliq Survey that will prompt Program Management to set up the user account:]

[Here is the link to the video of our recent event:]