Code of Conduct


The Mission of Colorado Companies to Watch is to promote, facilitate and lead community efforts to advance economic vitality and prosperity and create an environment to enable business growth in the State of Colorado.

Code of Conduct

The Colorado Companies to Watch Code of Conduct guides its board members, committee members, staff and volunteers in their conduct when acting on behalf of the Colorado Companies to Watch. The Code of Conduct contains broad principles reflecting the types of behavior expected towards Applicants, Winners, staff, peers and the public.

Board members, committee members, volunteers and staff are expected to:

  • Openly and honestly tell the truth in a manner that is respectful of the individual and Colorado Companies to Watch.
  • Make an effort to understand, respect and support all members of Colorado Companies to Watch.
  • Respect the confidentiality of sensitive information about Colorado Companies to Watch, its Applicants and its Winners.
  • Not advance personal interests at the expense Colorado Companies to Watch or its Winners.
  • Provide credible and effective involvement with Colorado Companies to Watch without personal bias.
  • Positively contribute, in words and in action, to the continued growth of Colorado Companies to Watch and its mission by sharing ideas, experience and knowledge.
  • Abide by the governing documents and policies of Colorado Companies to Watch.

By signing below, I confirm that I have read and commit to the Colorado Companies to Watch Code of Conduct. I understand that Colorado Companies to Watch reserves the right to terminate any relationship with any Volunteer/Board Director/Sponsor/Partner/Staff Member who violates the Colorado Companies to Watch Code of Ethics.

Code of Conduct
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