Round 2 Application

Congratulations on becoming a 2023 Finalist!

Following is the Round 2 Application as well as a Complimentary Spotlight Assessment from Quist Insights. It is important that you complete the Round 2 Application to be considered for a 2023 Colorado Companies to Watch Winner. The Quist Insights assessment is shared with the judges and should you complete it, you are given access to this tool for a full year no charge. This is a tool that helps with creating sustainable value for your firm.


But don't worry, you can still participate in the Quist Insights Spotlight Survey! The survey will remain open throughout 2023.

Spotlight Assessment from Quist Insights


This assessment is Optional. It provides additional information for our judges and great information for you and your business!

Colorado Companies to Watch is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Quist Insights (QI). QI provides an online "Spotlight Assessment" that that gives business owners visibility into their Owner Readiness and their Business Attractiveness.  This also helps business owners see their profitability compared to others in their industry to determine the Profit Gap. Together, these key variables will help identify areas that may be holding back company growth potential and value.

What you learn:

  • Your business' current value range
  • How your profitability compare to industry peers
  • Owner Readiness and Business Attractiveness issues

To complete this 10-minute assessment by answering 12 questions, select the button which will take you to a page on the Quist Insights website. Select the "Core" package, and complete your user information.

Your Results

Your Spotlight assessment results will be used to support Round Two judging, and they be shared with you immediately.

There's More: Complimentary Subscription

As a CCTW Finalist, you will be given a complimentary one (1) year subscription to this offering, a $995 value. With the subscription, you can complete the assessment throughout the year to monitor changes in your business and get ongoing feedback. 

Created by Quist Valuation, Quisit Insights was built on 40 years of experience in business valuation, having completed over 5,000 full-service valuations.


If you have questions, please contact:

Erin Beckstein
Program Director
720-325-2517, 697

Erin and her team provide program management for Colorado Companies to Watch.


All information provided in the Colorado Companies to Watch application process is securely handled, encrypted and stored on secure servers.