Round 2 Application

Complete your 2020 Round 2 Application by Thursday, May 28, 2020.

Congratulations on being a 2020 Finalist! Portions of the Round One and Round Two applications will be used by the judging panel to select this year’s winners of Colorado Companies To Watch. Read all instructions to give yourself the biggest advantage possible.

Colorado Companies to Watch Round Two Application

This second round application asks about the company’s pivotal moments, impact in the community, obstacles to growth, culture and more. It is important to complete the Round 2 application. Our judges consider this to be vitally important information in selecting our winners.

The information you provide is used by the judging panel to select the 50 winners. If your company is selected, some parts of your application may be used for publicity purposes, including a profile about your company in ColoradoBiz Magazine highlighting the program in the July/August issue that is released in June.

The judging panel that will review this information must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to viewing any and all information. Select members of the Colorado Companies to Watch Board of Directors and staff will process this information. Those individuals reviewing this information have signed a Code of Conduct and Non-Disclosure Agreement.


  • The maximum word count for each answer is 200 words. If your response is longer, only the first 200 words (give or take a sentence) will be reviewed by the judging panel.
  • Provide thorough, concrete, concise and convincing examples for each question below.
  • Whenever possible, use non-technical language or provide lay definitions for technical terms.
  • If composing your statements in another application, copy and paste into the text fields below.
  • Your answers may be used for publicity purposes, including a profile of your company in a commemorative publication. If your application contains information that should not be published, provide specific details in the Confidentiality and Proprietary Rights Disclosure section below

2020 Round Two Application


Confirm your company is privately-held. *

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Round Two Application Questions

List up to three pivotal moments in your company's history. Explain their significance, details on what prompted the change(s) and how the course of your business changed as a result. (Examples: Innovation of a new product/service/process; finding a new market for an existing product/service; losing a major customer, which led to new opportunities; etc.)
Describe how your company has innovated to gain competitive advantage. (Include how results differ from your competition.) Consider innovation in terms of process improvements, use of technology, product/service development, etc.
What is unique about your company culture and how does it benefit your business and employees? Consider management practices, activities, out-of-the-ordinary examples that foster camaraderie, pride, loyalty, etc. (Exclude employee benefits unless they are unique in your industry.)
What substantial philanthropic activities does your company participate in? Consider monetary contributions, in-kind giving, volunteerism, etc. (Do not include job creation unless circumstances are extraordinary or development of products/services that benefit communities is part and parcel of your business model.)
What is driving the growth behind your current year projections for more employees and/or higher revenue? (Consider: entering new markets, serving new industries, developing new products/services, etc.)

Confidentiality and Proprietary Rights Disclosure

Remember: In the event you are selected to receive an award, your application will be used to profile your company in publicity materials. To demonstrate a company’s year-to-year growth, we may publish employee counts for the current and project years. We do not publish actual financial figures but may use percentages to establish year-to-year growth.

This Form is to Be Signed by the Company’s Highest Ranking Official

You will receive a confirmation email after you submit this form. The email is sent from Please ensure this email is in your safe sender’s list. Also, if you do not see the email in the next few minutes, please look in your spam folder. Thank you.


If you have questions, please contact:

Erin Beckstein
Program Director
720-325-2517, 697

Erin and her team provide program management for Colorado Companies to Watch.


This assessment is Optional. It provides additional information for our judges and great information for you and your business!

Colorado Companies to Watch is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Quist Insights (QI). QI provides an online valuation tool that that gives business owners visibility into what drives their company value. It delivers benchmark valuation and recommendations to close your value gap in these six (6) core drivers:

Strategic Value | Organizational Value | Employee Value | Customer Value | Financial Value | ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) integration

To complete the assessment, select the button which will take you to a page on the Quist Insights website. Select the "Core" package, complete your user information. You will then have access to the assessment, which will take you 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

Your Results

Your QI assessment results will be used in the Round Two judging, and they be shared with you in July 2020. CCTW will be providing workshops and tools to help you understand the report findings and how to advance your business.

There's More: Complimentary Subscription

As a CCTW Finalist, you will be given a complimentary one (1) year subscription to the QI Core offering, a $499 value. With the subscription, you can complete the assessment throughout the year to monitor changes in your business and get ongoing feedback. You can also have your team take the assessment, producing individual results, and compare how you view the business. It's a fantastic tool for growing your business value. You can also upgrade to QI Advanced for $600 annually, a $499 savings. QI Advanced provides you with a financial estimate of value for your business. 

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All information provided in the Colorado Companies to Watch application process is securely handled, encrypted and stored on secure servers.