Ambassador Selection

All information on these pages are Colorado Companies to Watch Confidential.

How the Process Works

  • Please let the Development Chair, Maggie Maxwell, know ASAP (but no later than April 20, 2018) if you want to be an Ambassador. Sponsor Ambassadors serve as a point of contact for each winner to ensure they are fully engaged in the program and know what to do.
  • April 22 at 8am – The 50 winning companies will be made available online for all Sponsors to see.
  • This is a draft pick by sponsorship level with the pick being in order of sponsorship level, specifically Diamond 1st, Platinum 2nd, and Gold 3rd. For Platinum and Gold Sponsors, draft pick order of winning company will be based on the pick order established in advance with the Development Chair through a random selection process. Using this approach, everyone will have the full day to enter their selections. The time of your entry is not relevant, except that it must occur on the assigned day sometime between 8am and 5pm MT. Program Management will assign companies based on pick order previously established. If you have a selection that has already been assigned, we automatically go to your next winner selection for assignment.
  • By Sponsorship level, when all entries are in or the entry deadline has passed (5pm MT on the specific day), assignments will be made in order of submission with first pick off the first sponsor’s list, then second pick to the second sponsor’s list until we get through all picks. It then starts over again with the first pick (no snake draft format for you fantasy football fans). If you miss the deadline for your pick, you will be moved to the next level draft.


For Platinum Sponsors, if the pick order is Forbes M+A and Moss Adams, the draft would look like this:

    1. The Forbes M+A – first pick off their list
    2. Moss Adams – first pick from their list minus the selection from The Forbes M+A
    3. The Forbes M+A – second pick from their list minus first two selections
    4. Moss Adams – second pick from their list minus the first three selections
    5. Etc. Etc.
    6. In the event your round pick has already been selected, we move to the next Winner in your list
  • Final submissions for Diamond sponsor due by 5pm MT on 4/23/18. Final submissions for Platinum Sponsors due by 5pm MT on 4/24/18. Final Submissions for Gold Sponsors due by 5pm MT on 4/25/18. 
  • Same draft process will be used for all sponsor levels.

Ambassador Contact

The Ambassador Selection forms asks you to provide us with information on your assigned Ambassador by winning company selected. You can have different people on your team serve as an Ambassador by company. It is critical that you also complete this information:

Email ID
Phone Number

Qualifiers and Disclosures

  • All times noted are Mountain time.
  • If the Diamond Sponsor does not submit their list by the deadline, they will be moved to the Platinum Draft. If Platinum Sponsors do not get their list submitted by their deadline, they will be moved into the Gold Draft.
  • If any Sponsor does not get their picks in by 5pm on April 25th, they will be assigned companies with what is left.
  • Invite to the Winner’s Welcome and Annual Alumni Connection with information on the Winner’s Ambassador and Community Partner will be emailed to Winners on Friday, April 27th. You will also receive the email being sent to Winners.
  • When completing the draft, you will be asked to provide the name, title, email and phone number of your assigned Ambassador(s).

Next Steps
After Draft completion, all Assigned Ambassadors are asked to reach out to their winning companies to congratulate them and personally invite them to the Winner’s Welcome and Annual Alumni Connection. This is a very big value add for Sponsors as it is one more touchpoint, and a chance to introduce yourself before you meet them in person at the Winner’s Welcome. We will provide you a script along with frequently asked questions so that you have a base for what to tell your winning companies upon calling.

2018 Ambassador Draft Schedule

Your selection forms will only be filled out and available for completion on the day of your Draft.

  • April 19 – Winners confirmed
  • April 22 | 8am MT – Winner list posted  – see right column, downloadable spreadsheet contains county and website information
  • April 23 | 8am MT – Draft opens for Diamond Sponsor to select their companies, due by 5pm
  • April 24 | 8am MT – Draft opens  online to the Platinum Sponsors, selections due by 5pm or companies will be assigned for you
  • April 25 | 8am MT – Draft opens online to Gold Sponsors, selections due by 5pm or companies will be assigned for you
  • April 26 | Program Management to allocate draft results and compile contact information
  • April 27 | Invites will be sent to all Winning companies with Ambassador & Community Partner contact information included (important that your information online is current)
  • April 30 | Ambassadors personally reach out to your assigned winning company and go over Script provided. If unable to call on Monday, April 30, call on Tuesday, May 1st

Ambassador Numbers by Level - 2018

The number of companies per sponsor by level is as follows. This is the number of companies for which you will have the opportunity to serve as an Ambassador.

  • Diamond - 18 winning companies 
  • Platinum – 5 winning companies (4 platinum sponsors x 5 companies = 20 total) – to ensure full coverage, all Platinum Sponsors are encouraged to select up to 25 companies
  • Gold – 3 winning companies (4 gold sponsors x 3 companies = 12 total) – to ensure full coverage, all Gold Sponsors are encouraged to select up to 12 companies
Download Powerpoint Presentation

2018 Winner List

The 2018 Winners are listed below. Those with a line through them have been assigned Ambassadors and are no longer available for selection.

Download Winner & County Information

303 Software 90octane AlignTec Altvia Amnet ARB Midstream, LLC Arbor Valley ATLAS CPAs & Advisors PLLC Aureus Techsystems LLC AvenueWest Global Franchise B&B Blending, LLC. Bitsbox Blue Margin, Inc. CampMinder Circuit Media CirrusMD Clear Comfort Comptek Technologies, LLC Crazy Scrubs, Inc. Creative Alignments Crunchsters East Daley Capital Advisors GitPrime Guerrilla Gravity Juniper Unmanned Lifescape Colorado LockState Navjoy Inc. Networks Unlimited Neuworks Mechanical, Inc. NewCloud Networks Paul Sutton's Peak Structural Peak Beverage PlanOmatic PlayerLync Proximity Space Quality First Plumbing and Heating Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha SecureSet SuiteHop Techno Rescue Techtonic Group The Human Bean of Northern Colorado Titan Robotics TRELORA Woodridge Software Xero Shoes YouSeeU zingfit


Opens: 4/23/18 8am
Closes: 4/23/18 5pm

Draft Completed - 18 Selected


Opens: 4/24/18 8am
Closes: 4/24/18 5pm

Draft Completed - 20 Selected


Opens: 4/25/18 8am
Closes: 4/25/18 5pm

Draft Completed - 12 Selected

Example Draft Selection

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