Sauvage Spectrum

Sauvage Spectrum Estate Winery & Vineyard – “In France they drink Champagne, in Colorado we sip SPARKLET!”

In this week’s Colorado Companies to Watch Alumni Spotlight, we are featuring 2023 Winner Sauvage Spectrum Estate Winery & Vineyard. They manufacture still and sparkling wines in Palisade, CO. Sauvage Spectrum is 100% Colorado estate grown and bottled. They are Colorado’s original sparkling wine house researching and developing over 29 varietals for your enjoyment.

After working together on numerous wine projects, Winemaker Patric Matysiewski and Grapegrower Kaibab Sauvage formed a partnership in 2019 with the goal to create a new breed of estate winery, Sauvage Spectrum. Their first release, Sparklet, is a lifestyle brand focused on fun, fruit-forward and affordable sparkling wines. Handcrafted, artisanal blends are grown with the intention to produce a modern sparkling wine. Nominal interference in the cellar highlights their premium high desert fruit. Unusual and rare blends allow them to exercise creativity showcasing the versatility of Colorado wines without being tied to tradition. A lack of affordably produced sparkling wines was the catalyst for imagining the whole company. They found a niche to fill and delivered! They have now since become known for more than sparkling wine by constantly researching and developing new varieties and wines for our region.

All of Sauvage Spectrum’s equipment comes used, pieced together and retrofitted. Their bottling process differs whether it’s still or sparkling wine but both remain very laborious as their team physically touches each and every bottle. Their proprietary sparkling wine methods take techniques borrowed from champagne, prosecco, and even the beer world to create a Colorado original. They were the first to market with a mid twenty dollar bottle of sparkling wine on the retail shelf in Colorado.

You can find Sauvage Spectrum’s wines at over 200 retailers, small independent shops across the state along with them being available at both Tasting Room locations (Palisade & Ouray). And of course, you can shop online at their website

The Sauvage Spectrum team has worked closely and collaborated with organizations across the state to help build the company. They seek guidance from state entities such as OEDIT, and utilize resources from the Colorado Wine Industry Development Board, as well as the Colorado Association of Vintner’s & Enologists. They also work directly with Colorado Proud and the Colorado Tourism Office to promote their goods and region.

After becoming a Winner of Colorado Companies to Watch in 2023, they have met some great people, and have been exposed to other businesses who have experienced similar hurdles. They believe the network they are now associated with can help Sauvage Spectrum Estate Winery and Vineyard progress to the next step. The award and commendations received following receiving it weren’t bad at all either. The local community was very proud and excited for their accomplishment!

Sauvage Spectrum
Sauvage Spectrum